Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cancer Survivor Makes Comeback as Artist

It's 2011 and for many people that has a ring of something special. We have all seen a tough 2010 and even a tough 2009. We are still optimistic at this stage of the game that we will win the lottery, inherit the family fortune, or our blog will go viral.

For me 2011 means I have been "CANCER FREE" for six years. I was more then shocked as how quickly the time has passed, though I still have issues.....like my teeth still hurt from chemo. My hair has been back for a long time....but where did I get this wave?

I don't think about the disease that much anymore, except when I recall, "they" never did tell me about "Chemo Head". For those of you without the knowledge.....during the chemo process, quick growing cells are poisoned and killed. Well, some of those cells have to do with short term memory. For a time (about a year), I couldn't track very well, and I lived with post-it notes pasted to my computer screen. I'd list tasks to complete, so I could do my job. Oh yea, I was working about 60 hours per week.

After my last chemo and radiation treatments, I was even more frighten. You see I had this second chance at life....."WOULD I BLOW IT?" I didn't want all this crap I had been through to mean nothing.

My art came back to me.

I started to blog and paint and set up my website http://www.nancysutter.com/ . I post and post on art sites and I paint. I still had my fears, that I would run out of time. "Oh, and that's another thing." If you know anyone or if you have yourself, if you have gone through a life threatening situation....when you come out on the otherside, TIME changes.

Now you don't have any time to waste, you don't sleep in. Boyfriends that take forever to commit are dumped, because you don't have time to waste, and lord help the guy who squanders it. Your patience is gone for little trivial things, you don't spend so much time on Facebook. You spend even less time with friends who still fight about petty issues.

2011 marks the halfway point of being cleared....it's another six years I have to live through before I get a free and clear bill of health.

So, what do you do.....you live......you look at each day, like it's your birthday.....you tackle your life in a way that makes sense to you. I paint and maybe on a small scale change the world. And for all those, going through treatment.......YOU WILL SURVIVE and it will be wonderful.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

There's a NEW WEB SITE in TOWN

(drum roll please)

enough, enough....
Have some fun, check it out.
My official webiste is offered up to the internet Gods
 (and you know who you are).
Last Word
(always wanted to do that)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Art World

The Art World has change, and I think for the better....more trading is being done on the Internet, more opportunities are being creative...we no longer have to search for jobs, they come looking for us. They come from the international community. So go forth young artist and get creative, the audience will find you. I wanted to share my other passion photography....here is just a peek go to the site for more art and photos.

By the way, I am selling my original oil paintings. Pricing is on each image. Send me an email and let's connect. I hope you love them as much as I love creating them.

Friday, September 10, 2010

the air above

remember in a cool green field laying on your back, watching the sky? Well, I wanted to visit that easy feeling and all the images we can imagine just by looking up...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Elemental X

Elemental X (what the blank is this?) came out of pure improv.....but it works. So is this water, or a prairie or the desert floor? This is up to you.

Elemental X (what the blank is this) on loan from Avery T Horton Jr.
24" x 18" oil
email me for details
commissions available

Elemental IX

Elemental IX has us gazing at the sky.....as we do in the desert

Elemental IX
24" x 18" Oil
email me for details
for sale retail $1145.00

Elemental VIII

Elemental started about the passion for water....how all over the world it meets the desert. I also wanted to examine the sky above.........

Elemental VIII
24" x 18" Oil
email me for details
for sale retail $ 1145.00

Elemental VII

The Elemental series was born out of my passion for water. Living now in the desert, I realize how precious that resource truly is.

Elemental VII 20" x 16" Oil
email me for details
for sale retail $ 850.00

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Elemental VI

Elemental VI is all about the memories at the lake......must have the coolness of water on my mind.
20" x16" Oil
email me for details.
for sale retail $ 850.00