Wednesday, November 3, 2010

There's a NEW WEB SITE in TOWN

(drum roll please)

enough, enough....
Have some fun, check it out.
My official webiste is offered up to the internet Gods
 (and you know who you are).
Last Word
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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Art World

The Art World has change, and I think for the better....more trading is being done on the Internet, more opportunities are being creative...we no longer have to search for jobs, they come looking for us. They come from the international community. So go forth young artist and get creative, the audience will find you. I wanted to share my other passion is just a peek go to the site for more art and photos.

By the way, I am selling my original oil paintings. Pricing is on each image. Send me an email and let's connect. I hope you love them as much as I love creating them.

Friday, September 10, 2010

the air above

remember in a cool green field laying on your back, watching the sky? Well, I wanted to visit that easy feeling and all the images we can imagine just by looking up...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Elemental X

Elemental X (what the blank is this?) came out of pure improv.....but it works. So is this water, or a prairie or the desert floor? This is up to you.

Elemental X (what the blank is this) on loan from Avery T Horton Jr.
24" x 18" oil
email me for details
commissions available

Elemental IX

Elemental IX has us gazing at the we do in the desert

Elemental IX
24" x 18" Oil
email me for details
for sale retail $1145.00

Elemental VIII

Elemental started about the passion for all over the world it meets the desert. I also wanted to examine the sky above.........

Elemental VIII
24" x 18" Oil
email me for details
for sale retail $ 1145.00

Elemental VII

The Elemental series was born out of my passion for water. Living now in the desert, I realize how precious that resource truly is.

Elemental VII 20" x 16" Oil
email me for details
for sale retail $ 850.00

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Elemental VI

Elemental VI is all about the memories at the lake......must have the coolness of water on my mind.
20" x16" Oil
email me for details.
for sale retail $ 850.00

Elemental V

Elemental V....reminds me of the Greek isles, someplace I would love to be this summer.
20" x 16 " oil
Email me for Details.
for sale retail $ 850.00

Monday, July 19, 2010

East Meets West

East Meets West, was originally part of the Elemental series. But it took a life of it's own. The landscape is very western in feel and yet the water had a very eastern flavor to it. I just went with pre planning involved....that's just the creative process.
East Meets West  48" x 12" oil
email me for details
for sale retail $ 1500.00

Elemental IV

Elemental IV
20" x 16" oil
email me for details
for sale retail $ 850.00

Elemental III the movie Lawrence of Arabia, TE Lawrence was asked "what is your attraction to the desert?" he responded "it's clean". This work is clean.....capturing the essence of the desert and the coolness of water flowing. Took me a while to put into words what I was going for in this piece...

Elemental III
48" x 12"
email me for details
for sale retail $ 1500.00

Elemental II

I love this piece, we know the water has receded, but there is evidence that it will return. The cycle of life, makes sense to us all.

Elemental II
48" x 12 " Oil
email me for details
for sale retail : $ 1500.00

It Starts Here

In the beginning, we have a vision, we have a passion. My vision, and my passion has to do with water. But here I live, in a desert climate, waiting for the long overdue rains.
This piece is called Elemental I. It is part of a series of landscapes where desert meets the water.

Art should reflect what we are passionate about.

Art should show the world a glimpse of who we are.
Art is for the artist and the viewer to have a common ground to relate on.

Elemental I
48" x 24" oil 2010

for more details, send me an email

for sale retail: $ 3000.00